SCOTUS ruled earlier today that religious schools in Maine cannot be excluded from tuition assistance simply because they are religious. And of course, since this was a ruling for the good guys, the bad guys are all sorts of discombobulated and ticked off screeching about MUH SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE and making stupid jokes about the Church of Satan.

Case in point.

Nice try with that whole Church of Satan thing but NOPE. We get it, he’s trying to prove there is some Christian slant here on the ruling because he doesn’t want religious schools to benefit from any sort of funding BUT if the Church of Satan had a private school and parents wanted to send their kids there?

Yes, they could.

This Townsend person explained it far better than we can:


Pretty simple.

Ask a stupid question … look like a stupid troll on Twitter.

Pretty simple and not some grand Christian conspiracy to indoctrinate kids, Wajahat.



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