We’re still waiting for the Supreme Court to hand down their ruling on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which, if Justice Samuel Alito’s leaked draft opinion still stands, could effectively overturn Roe v. Wade.

And if that’s indeed how this goes down, the AP wants readers to understand that all hell could break loose and people’s lives could be in danger:

More from the AP:

Now providers and some in law enforcement worry what will come next. They’re preparing for an increase in violence once the Supreme Court rules, saying there has historically been a spike when the issue of abortion gets widespread public attention, such as after a state approves new restrictions. If the decision ends Roe v. Wade — as a leaked draft opinion indicates may happen — they also anticipate protests, harassment and other violence to be more concentrated and intensify in states where abortion remains legal.

“We know from experience, it’s not like the people protesting clinics in banned states just pack up and go home,” said Melissa Fowler, chief program officer for the National Abortion Federation.

The group and the hundreds of abortion clinics it represents have been on “heightened alert” since the opinion leaked, Fowler said. The organization has staff who specialize in security on call around the clock. They go out to clinics to do drills with employees and volunteers on scenarios such as bomb threats or active shooters and advise them on things like where to position security cameras. They also conduct safety assessments at the homes of physicians, monitor online threats and consult with local law enforcement.

Abortion opponents also have been targets of violence, and say they’ve also seen an increase in incidents since the draft opinion leaked, though the FBI in a 2020 memo described the incidents as historically “rare.”

Abortion opponents say they’ve seen an increase in [violent] incidents since the draft opinion leaked because they actually have seen an increase. Pro-abortion terrorists have hit a number of pro-life organizations and vow to ramp up their attacks in the coming days. But the AP wants you to now that that’s “rare.”

Better question: Does the AP even care?

OK, AP. We get it. You’re sympathetic to the pro-abort cause. Next time just drop the pretense and be explicit about it.

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