The bipartisan gun bill, with negotiations led on the Republican side by John Cornyn of Texas, passed last night 64-34 in a procedural vote, likely clearing the way for the bill’s final passage. From the New York Times:

The Senate on Tuesday cleared the first hurdle to passing a bipartisan measure aimed at keeping firearms out of the hands of dangerous people, agreeing to take up a compromise bill whose enactment would break a yearslong stalemate over federal legislation to address gun violence.

While the bill falls short of the sweeping gun control measures Democrats have long demanded, its approval would amount to the most significant action in decades to overhaul the nation’s gun laws. The 64-to-34 vote came just hours after Republicans and Democrats released the text of the legislation, and after days of feverish negotiations to hammer out its details.

Now, here are the 14 Republicans who voted “yes” on the bill:

And we’re seeing a lot of angry commentary from conservatives warning of electoral consequences for these 14:

There’s particular anger aimed at John Cornyn:

But the 70-year-old Texas Republican isn’t up for reelection until 2026, if he even runs again:

Sen. Lindsey Graham will be a target, too:

Like Cornyn, Sen. Graham defeated three primary challengers in 2020 and isn’t up until 2026:

Here’s the full breakdown. . .

Senators Blunt, Burr, Portman and Toomey are already retiring.

Senators Murkowski and Young are running this year, but Young has no primary opponent.

Mitt Romney is up in 2024, will be 77 on election day, and doesn’t really need donor support.

Senators Cornyn, Tillis, Collins, Graham, Ernst and McConnell are up in 2026, which is four years away and an eternity in politics:

So, Murkowski could be the only one in trouble right now, but. . .

. . .but Alaska has a “nonpartisan ‘Top 4’ system, where the top four vote-getters in a primary advance to the general, regardless of political affiliation.” Her support isn’t needed to pass the final bill when it comes up for a vote and could be a “no.”

The other GOP senators up in 2024 also all voted “no”:

Sen. Rick Scott, who, while Governor of Florida, signed new gun legislation that included red-flag laws and raised the age to purchase a rifle and shotgun for most residents to 21, also vote “no”:

In other words — and many conservatives may not like it — Cocaine Mitch got what he wanted. Again:


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