Sleazeball Democrats are trying to turn the Jan. 6 protest gone awry into the new 9/11. It isn’t working.

Politico reporter Betsy Woodruff Swan told NBC anchor Chuck Todd what everyone reading this article already knows. No one cares about Jan. 6.

Swan, appearing on the streaming service NBC News NOW, told Todd that two House Democrats, whom she claims she “obviously” could not name, told her that when the politicians talk to their constituents, “nobody gives a bleep about January 6.”

“Does the Jan. 6 hearing break through at all,” Todd asked Swan in a recent interview.

“I don’t think it does,” Swan responded. “I’ve talked to two separate Democratic members of Congress in the last couple weeks about Jan. 6, obviously, I can’t say who, and both of them have said, offhandedly, nobody gives a bleep about Jan. 6 when they are talking about their districts and the way that elections play out.”

Swan continued:

Top-tier issues are material concerns. How are people paying their mortgages? How much does it cost to get milk and bread? How much does it cost to get gas? Do these hearings result in different electoral outcomes for Democrats? I have yet to see any actual evidence that they do.

The Jan. 6 Committee hearings reek of Stalinism, and Americans are tired of the stench. We can all recognize banana-republic courtroom buffoonery when we see it; we just choose not to watch.

FARCE-O-RAMA! Democrats accused Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.) of leading a “recon tour” through the Capitol the day before the Jan. 6 protests. Capitol Police reported that this was a lie.

Check out the blatant lies in the tweet below. The author somehow forgot to mention that members of the “recon tour” were kids holding shopping bags.

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The hearings are a cuck-like, feeble attempt to keep Donald Trump from running for president, as well as trying to make Trump’s Ultra-MAGA legions of followers seem like seditious monsters.

Here are pictures of 69-year-old “right-wing radical” Lois McNicoll being let into the Capitol by Capitol Police and snapping some seditious selfies.

Now that Democrats know that no one cares about Jan. 6, perhaps they will work to stop the crime wave they’ve created and drill for oil so that people can get fill their gas tanks and afford an occasional steak now and then. Kidding! That isn’t likely to happen until Gropey Joe is voted out of the White House.

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