And we thought the Left was going to lose their minds if (when) SCOTUS strikes Roe down. Apparently, ‘shall not be infringed,’ in the Second Amendment still MEANS something to the highest court in the land and they struck down New York’s conceal carry law.

The way they’re carrying on you’d think Trump won re-election.

Then again, they’ve turned into nothing more than a rather large group of loud, whiny babies. If you thought Keith Olbermann calling to dissolve the SCOTUS was bad … you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Auron MacIntyre was good enough to put a thread of the worst takes together and WOOF.

Double WOOF.

First, our ‘pal’ Keith who we actually wrote about all on its own:

Don’t worry.

There are plenty of blue-checks out there saying as stupid or maybe even stupider things.

Ummm … abortion is nowhere in the Constitution.

Bearing arms? It is.

Just sayin’.

Piers has never really understood the importance of the Second Amendment and has been whining about it for years.


How dare people want to protect their private property?!


Oh no, the guy who was a Democrat, then claimed he was a Trump supporter and then MAGICALLY switched back to a Democrat (without telling people he actually started out as one so they’d think he’s an actual Trump supporter who saw the light) is sick of this bulls**t.

There’s the door, chief.


But that bowtie is pretty absurd.

Batter people?

Stay classy, Tom.

HOW DARE PEOPLE BE ABLE TO ARM AND DEFEND THEMSELVES is a crap take, Kathy. And we though Andy C. was a disaster.

WOW, this is dumb. Like dumb people would walk by Stephanie’s tweet, stop, stare and say, ‘Damn, that’s dumb.’


Oh, wow.

Ana Navarro is a disgrace, but we digress.

Adhering to the Constitution is CORRUPT.


And if anyone knows about scams it’s Jennifer Rubin.

And the only elected officials were men.

Just sayin’.


Yeah, that’s not true.

Says Rachel Maddow.

Oh wait, that’s Chris Hayes.

Our bad.


Does David think it’s legal to murder people NOT on SCOTUS? Does he realize he’s accidentally making the case for WHY we need to carry conceal?

These people …

The Constitution is a radical ideology.

Alrighty, Gavin.

SCOTUS doesn’t care about your feelers, blue-checks.

Sorry, not sorry.



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