Kyle Rittenhouse tweeted out his support for the Second Amendment, reminding everyone it literally saved his life. Now, we’re not saying Kyle was trying to rub a little salt in the left’s ‘wound’ after the SCOTUS gun ruling earlier today, but in our immature little minds, we’d like to think he took some joy in knowing this tweet would piss off a multitude of mouth-breathers and chest-thumpers.

Kyle tweets, they MELT DOWN.

Imagine having this much power over people you don’t even care about.

You know she’s a blast at birthday parties.

Oh, compared to the others losing their minds over his tweet, she’s mild.

Case in point:


OR, and hear us out, this stupid case went to court in the first place because of politics.

James really thought he was putting Kyle in his place.

Such an edgy tweet.

Speaking of edgy …

Yeah, admiring a young man for defending his life from criminals is exactly like a kidney stone.

Gotta wonder if he admired the men who attacked Kyle with a skateboard … you know, the one who had been arrested for domestic violence and the other one a pedophile.

Pretty sure the young man who defended himself from multiple violent offenders is not a sissy.

But the guy with the Ukraine flag in his avi? Ahem.



This guy though:

So mad. SO MAD.

All of them.

Just wait until they strike down Roe …



‘You have NO power here’! Merrick Garland reminds us all how AWESOME it is he’s not on SCOTUS with pathetic DOJ statement on gun ruling

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