Bless Stacey Abrams’ heart. She’s trying her best to make a case for giving her a shot at ruining Georgia, but she lacks the self-awareness to realize that we can see how she talks out of both sides of her mouth.

Case in point: Abrams has come out in favor of pay raises for police officers in Georgia while simultaneously serving on the board of a foundation that has publicly called for defunding the police.

Axios is crowing about its exclusive interview with Abrams — I mean, how often do you get the chance to interview the President of United Earth? — in which the once and future gubernatorial loser outlines her crime-fighting plans. And it’s a big, big deal, right there in the headline and the lede, that Abrams wants to “fund the police.”

(For Axios to claim to be such a just-the-facts, even-handed site, they sure are trying their hardest to give Abrams a chance.)

“As the second prong of a public safety and criminal justice reform platform first shared with Axios, Abrams is proposing to raise the base pay for Georgia state troopers, adult and juvenile correctional officers and community supervision officers to $50,000 per year,” writes Emma Hurt. “She also wants to create a grant program to help local departments raise pay and change the state’s law enforcement training standards and accountability controls.”

But there’s more. After all, Abrams is a woman of the far left, and we shouldn’t forget it.

“Taken together with her plan to institute gun control measures, Abrams argues Democrats can do both: ‘We have to support law enforcement, but we also have to have meaningful accountability,’” Hurt continues.

You read that right: gun control measures. Last week, Hurt shared those measures in another “exclusive” article. (There sure are a ton of Stacey exclusives over there at Axios.)

“Abrams plans to institute a state red flag law and to close certain loopholes like background checks for gun show sales and domestic violence perpetrators,” Hurt reports. “Yes, but: She is also proposing a massive political lift: to roll back some of the biggest expansions of gun access that Georgia Republicans have passed recently.”

“That would include the permitless carry law Kemp signed this year, the 2017 ‘campus carry’ law, which allows concealed carry on college campuses, and a 2014 measure that allowed Georgians to carry weapons in places including churches, schools and bars. (Opponents dubbed it ‘guns everywhere.’),” Hurt continues.

News flash for Abrams and her Axios Amen Corner: these measures aren’t going to sit well with most Georgians. Then again, neither is the idea of Stacey Abrams in the Governor’s Mansion.

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Abrams’ plan for giving police more money is a classic leftist case of “Do as I say, not as I do,” because she serves on the board of a foundation that has taken a strong stance on defunding the police — and more.

The Marguerite Casey Foundation is a far-left radical’s dream. According to the foundation’s website, “We imagine a world where our democracy and economy truly represent the contributions, dreams, and desires of communities that have been historically excluded from sharing in the resources and benefits of society. People should be more than just represented in our democracy and economy—their representation must include their ability to shape them.”

One of the foundation’s initiatives is something called “Answer the Uprising” — not subtle at all — which is “An initiative launched by Marguerite Casey Foundation on the one-year anniversary of the 2020 racial justice uprisings, aimed at increasing funding and momentum for ending police violence.”

Guess who’s on the board of the Marguerite Casey Foundation? If you guessed Stacey Abrams, you win the prize! Here she is, right there on the website.

Screenshot from

To see how dangerous the Marguerite Casey Foundation is, let’s go to their social media. In March, the foundation posted a link to a Washington Post story on Twitter with the quote and hashtag, “‘The Post collected data on nearly 40,000 payments at 25 of the nation’s largest police and sheriff’s departments within the past decade, documenting more than $3.2 billion spent to settle claims [of wrongdoing].’ #DefundthePolice”

But it gets worse. Let’s go back one more month for another tweet from the foundation, in which it quoted an article about police in Star Trek Stacey’s hometown of Atlanta, accompanied by an even more dangerous hashtag.

“‘The Cop City story…offers a window into how the actors that make up the PIC—corporations, governments, media, police, and others—work in deadly harmony to suppress political dissent, subvert democratic engagement, and protect profits.’ #AbolishthePolice,” reads the tweet.

By the way, “PIC” in the tweet is an acronym for “Prison-Industrial Complex,” a favorite leftist trope.

That’s some dangerous rhetoric right there, and Abrams’ presence on the board of the foundation suggests that she supports the vision that the foundation promotes — including both defunding and abolishing police forces.

Yet Abrams talks out of the other side of her mouth, calling for raises for state troopers and other police forces in Georgia while also promising to take away the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Georgians.

Stacey Abrams’ policies are bad for the Peach State, and she has no business being governor. Hopefully, the people of Georgia can see that and won’t give her a shot this November.

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