Earlier today, USA Today’s Dylan Wells interviewed Majority Whip Jim Clyburn about the Dobb decision overturning Roe and he said, “It’s a little anticlimactic, I think we all expected this. And I’m hopeful, you know I have to read the decision to see exactly the extent to which we can move legislatively to respond to it.”

LOL. Libs are really, really PISSED at this lackluster response:

We’re sensing a pattern here that maybe Dems are ready for younger leaders?

And then a Bernie fan account weighed in, which is funny because it can be argued that Dems lost in 2016 because of petulant Bernie supporters. Whoops:

They’re also not happy that Clyburn campaigned for pro-life Henry Cuellar last week:

Dems went from “safe, legal and rare” to not tolerating pro-life candidates in pro-life districts:

Let the grifting begin!

They’re so mad:

If only:

And just wait, Dems. It will get worse:


Libs, as mad as you are right now, please remember that Congress is on vacation for two weeks and they’ll get back to you shortly

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