Meet Carlos Maza, a Twitter-verified self-described “Marxist pig” and a “liberal fascist”. . .

. . .who says that “violence is a legitimate and appropriate response to oppression” in response to today’s SCOTUS ruling overturning Roe and President Biden’s plea that the demonstrations stay peaceful.

Note: This tweet has over 45,000 likes:

He added, “The suffragettes planted bombs. Queer people threw bricks. Violence has always been a necessary and important part of social justice”:


“The whole point of democratic governance is to create an alternative to violence. When the government is no longer democratic, you’re supposed to go back to Plan A.”

Twitter, are these tweets okay with you?

“Fascists literally do not care how hard you vote. They are not trying to win elections. Violence is the only language they understand, and it’s time we start speaking it.”

And, finally, there’s this meme of someone firebombing the Supreme Court:



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