Former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard said the Biden administration’s decision to revise Title IX to include the wild wild west of modern gender ideologies would “essentially erase women,” as she expressed concern over the cultural shift impacting children. 

The Department of Education (DOE) announced proposed changes to Title IX, a prohibition against sex-based discrimination in federally-funded schools, on Thursday that would expand protections under the law to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” according to a DOE press release. The revisions would essentially allow boys in the girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms, and more. It also includes additional provisions that would enable biological men to be protected under the same rights as women in instances of sexual harassment and access to programs and activities. 

In an interview with Daily Caller, Gabbard said it was the responsibility of the local, state, and national governments to protect Title IX and women’s sports.

“I think there’s a role at every level of government to take action to protect the original intent of Title IX, which recognized the biological difference between men and women, and to protect our young girls and women – yes, in sports, but really across the board,” Gabbard said. 

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“A lot of women fought very, very hard to put Title IX in place, which is why it’s so disturbing to see the Biden Administration and other very influential people in our society so easily pushing to not only get rid of that progress but essentially erase women,” said Gabbard. 

“They’re saying that there is no such thing as a woman.”

Gabbard didn’t stop at her criticism of the change to Title IX. She also discussed the recent changes to policy related to transgender athletes. 

According to the new guidelines from FINA, which provides oversight to the sport of women’s swimming, male-to-female transitions must happen by age 12 for an athlete to compete in women’s events.

Gabbard said the change will carry with it “unintended consequences.”

“The recent announcement that was made by FINA was a step in the right direction, but I think the unintended consequence is that there may be that added pressure for kids to transition before they’re 12 years old,” Gabbard said.

The former Democratic Presidential candidate says the upcoming midterm elections will provide Americans who are upset with the current state of the country to have their “voice heard.” She is not currently making plans for another bid for a public office. 

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