There is not a Constitutional right to an abortion, as there is with the right to bear arms

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Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States had nothing to do with abortion, and had everything to do with reducing Federal power over the states, unconstitutionally acquired over the last century.

There is nothing about a right to an abortion in the Constitution, no matter what Nancy Pelosi says.

When she says there is a right to an abortion, and Conservatives are protecting one right (2A) and removing another, like abortion, she is lying.

All today’s ruling does is allow each state to set its own policy, as our Founders envisioned. It does not end abortion in America. The ruling allows the democratic political process to make the decision in each state capitol.

The right to bear arms is specifically enumerated in our founding documents.

These documents have produced the most effective form of human governance in history.

They must be preserved for our republic to survive.

I predict today’s decision will be an inflection point in the destruction of the republic. This decision will give conservatives (not RINOs) hope. This will show the process can work, IF we all get involved at the local level on up to ensure it works.

It’s time to give other powers back to the states, not given to the Federal government, like, I don’t know, health policy?

That is the lesson of today — Don’t give up! Believe in America! Get to work! Save the republic!

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