The Dobbs v. Jackson decision doesn’t make abortion illegal; it just sends the decision as to whether or not to outlaw it back to the states. But that isn’t good enough for the totalitarian Left, which has to be able to sacrifice children to Moloch everywhere, without any hindrance, or all the fun goes out of the whole thing. And so Leftists are reacting to the decision with their predictable rage and hysteria; Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Space Cadet) demanded that pro-abortionists go “into the streets,” and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Rage) declared, “The hell with the Supreme Court. We will defy them!” And now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Stolichnaya) has, with all of the Left’s characteristic unapologetic gaucherie, used the decision as the basis for a fundraising appeal, during which she called upon her followers to “rise up.” Insurrection? Count on it.

Pelosi’s crass fundraising email stated: “Trump’s Supreme Court just ruled to rip reproductive rights away from every single woman in this country.” The choice of words here was unfortunate, to put it mildly, in light of the fact that Pelosi was raising money on the cause of maintaining the legality of ripping children limb from limb in their mother’s womb, but the message only got worse from there. “I don’t say this lightly,” Pelosi’s fundraising writer continued with all the portentous solemnity he or she could muster: “How we act TODAY will decide the future of reproductive rights.”

Yeah, sure. Pelosi has earned millions upon millions while acting as a servant of the people, but she still has the lack of self-awareness and no-holds-barred gall to ask her Leftist followers, who are no doubt struggling to make ends meet on their latest welfare check or government subsidy, to kick in a few bucks to help her ensure that no one, but no one, is prevented from killing a baby should he or she or xe choose to do so. It all depends on the Leftist little guy. Pelosi’s email warns, “We can either sit back and admit defeat to these far-right extremists…,” and then comes the red type in bold and underlined:

“Or we can RISE UP, meet this ONCE-IN-A-GENERATION moment, and marshal a response so HISTORIC that we make every last anti-choice Republican REGRET what they’ve done.”

What an interesting choice of words, Madame Speaker! What exactly do you mean by making pro-lifers “regret” what they’ve done? To be sure, Pelosi’s fundraising wonk could simply mean that the Republicans should be made to suffer a defeat at the ballot box that is so resounding and catastrophic that their miserable, beaten remnant will never dare to oppose abortion again. Or the email could mean that Republicans should be brutalized and subjected to violence until they are too frightened to oppose abortion.

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Pelosi couldn’t possibly mean that, could she? The door is definitely left open to that idea in the email, which continues: “Please, [name], I’ve never needed your support more than today. Can you chip in $15 so we can WIN these midterms and finally codify reproductive rights into law?” Ah, so it is all about the elections, and working peacefully and legally for change. But read on: “[Name], this isn’t a normal fundraising email. And a normal response won’t suffice.”

Now, wait a minute. A normal response won’t suffice? If Pelosi’s hapless mark duly kicks in fifteen bucks for the murder of children, wouldn’t that be a normal response to a fundraising email? But a normal response won’t suffice. Pelosi’s email here, with its “RISE UP” and “REGRET what they’ve done” and “a normal response won’t suffice,” definitely leaves the door open to being read as a call for violence. Although the boss frequently appears to be alcohol-addled, Pelosi’s office isn’t stupid and likely meant it to be capable of being read in this way. Even if they didn’t, imagine if a conservative Republican representative sent out the identical email: there would be furious calls for his or her resignation and dark warnings about elected officials encouraging “white supremacist violence.”

What’s more, it’s not in the least farfetched that Pelosi would be calling for violence. In 2018, speaking about the separation of migrant children from their putative parents at the Southern border, Pelosi said, “I just don’t even know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country. And maybe there will be, when people realize that this is a policy that they defend.”

Maybe she’ll get her uprisings now. But Pelosi, because she is part of the Leftist elite that is above the law in America today, will face no consequences for this email. Consequences, my friend, are for conservatives.

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