Wow. Just wow.

About the only thing missing from these exploding leftist heads’ tweets after the Dobbs decision was announced is some nutcase setting themself on fire.

I don’t want to give anyone any ideas, but really guys. Get a grip.

There are the lefties who purport to tell us “What It Really Means.”

And don’t forget the transgender women/men/nonbinary — oh, to hell with it.

“Amber” then spent the next 5 tweets explaining, rationalizing, and then complaining about hate speech.

It would exhaust me if I had to keep track of all the toes I couldn’t step on, all the people I would have to include or exclude, all the apologies I’d have to make in advance, all the apologies I’d have to make after realizing there was still a chance someone might be offended…


Then there are the people who are incoherently nuts. This poor sot thinks the world is about to end.

Jesus. And the left thought the Trump supporters who rioted at the Capitol were unhinged?

For our VIPs: The Left Freaks Out Every Time They Don’t Get Their Way

Finally, something from my old (former) friend Jennifer Rubin. She wasn’t always a screaming harpy, parroting radical left talking points. She was actually a human being once.

Kermit Gosnell was a serial killer convicted of several murders, including infants and a woman who died after a botched abortion.

But Jennifer Rubin was seduced by the dark side. After the Washington Post hired her as a conservative columnist, Rubin realized where the money was to be made and switched sides.

Her tweet after Dobbs shows just how far she’s fallen.

First, you have to find a state that would put a woman on trial for capital murder after she got an abortion. Then you’d have to find a prosecutor crazy enough or radical enough to prosecute her. Then you’d have to find a jury willing to convict a woman of first-degree murder.

That’s only the beginning. Appeals, pleas for leniency — the chances of Jennifer’s hypothetical woman being executed are worse than my chances of being the starting pitcher for the White Sox at this afternoon’s game. (I’m sure they could use my help.)

Joel Barry, Managing Editor of the Babylon Bee, had the tweet of the day.

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