Imagine living in a world where everything that comes out of your mouth is a verbal landmine, that your life is lived in constant fear that you’re offending someone for something.

This is the life lived by soccer star and “inclusive term, woman” activist Megan Rapinoe.

In commenting on the Dobbs decision overturning abortion rights, Rapinoe used the phrase “inclusive term” to denote anyone with a uterus. That includes women, trans women, nonbinary people, and probably a half dozen other gender designations who may or may not have the ability to carry a baby in their womb.

It was jarringly unnatural.

Daily Wire:

The SCOTUS decision, Rapinoe said at a U.S. Women’s National Team (USWNT) media event on Friday, “certainly” doesn’t keep “one single child safer,” nor does it “keep one single, inclusive term, woman safer.”

The athlete went on to say that it’s hard to describe how “difficult it is to live in a country where you have a constant, unrelenting, violent tide against you, and onslaught as a woman. And it would be as a gay person, as a nonbinary person, as a trans person, whoever this is going to affect, because it affects a lot more than just women, or ‘cis-women.’”

Huh? I don’t know if it’s more pathetic that she needs to constantly remind herself to be “inclusive” or can’t keep track of who she might be offending by leaving someone out.

The verbal gymnastics seemed consistent throughout her comments: “There are an infinite amount of reasons why a woman chooses to do what she does with her body,” Rapinoe said, before adding plural or “gender neutral” pronouns, “or what they do with their body.”

Seeming to undercut her gender-neutral language, Rapinoe reportedly said men are “allowing a violent and consistent onslaught on the autonomy of women’s bodies, on women’s rights, on women’s minds, on our hearts, on our souls. We live in a country that forever tries to chip away at what you have enabled, at what you have been privileged enough to feel your entire life.”

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Rapinoe and other radicals have actually convinced themselves that there’s been “a violent and consistent onslaught on the autonomy of women’s bodies” despite not offering a shred of evidence or any proof of any kind.

The facts, however, are undeniable. A woman’s body is wonderfully autonomous — until it’s not just her body anymore.

But the pro-abortion radicals can ignore that other body because they say it’s not alive. It’s just a bunch of cells. How about at 15 weeks, when the fully formed fetus can feel pain? How about at 30 weeks, when many abortion activists say that a woman should still be able to abort her baby even though that baby could survive outside of the womb?

It’s disturbing that abortion rights activists want this conversation to avoid the third party in the equation when determining what to do. That’s convenient for them because it allows the abortion supporter to pretend that the debate is all about rights, privileges, and “autonomy” — and doesn’t have anything to do with “life.”

Rapinoe is kind of weak in the woke department. She’s not consistent with her inclusive pronouns and terms. But she will get a pass because she’s expending a tremendous amount of energy trying to remember everyone and everything so as not to offend anyone.

Life’s too short for it to be that hard, Megan. Chill.

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