Gloria Steinem is doing what she can to help women unable to obtain an abortion now that Roe v Wade has been overturned. If a woman lives in a state that now restricts abortion, she will be welcome to come and use Steinem’s guest room if she is in need of a place to stay. There is only one guest room, though, and the woman has to travel to Manhattan’s Upper East Side, but this is Steinem doing her part.

The aging feminist leader reminisced about the pre-Roe days as she remembered them.

“Everything from the small effort to say, ‘I have a guest room if you need to come to New York state, you can stay here,’” she said of her initial efforts.

“Which of course is limited since it’s only one room,” she added, laughing. “But at least it’s something that I can offer.”

The 88-year-old remembers a women’s clinic that was in her neighborhood and the influx of patients she would see arriving there following restrictions on abortions made in other states.

“I would see women coming in old, battered cars from all kinds of other states to get the abortion that they needed and couldn’t get in their homes,” she said.

Ah, yes. The old days when the Constitution was followed and justices weren’t making up non-existent rights. The pendulum is swinging back, thanks to the three appointments made by Trump. This isn’t your father’s Supreme Court, to paraphrase Joe Biden.

Steinem said that when the ruling came down on Friday, she was angry. She said she was angry because it is ““taking away our power to make decisions over our own bodies, which means we’re not living in a democracy.” That’s right, Gloria. We do not live in a democracy. We live in a constitutional republic.

Remember when crazy progressives used the threat of sex strikes to get whatever they wanted? Well, Gloria would like that tactic used against the Supreme Court justices, too. I know, none of this makes any sense. I’m just telling you what she said.

Steinem also weighed in on how some women are using sex strikes to regain some of that lost power. “That only makes sense if you’re striking against someone who’s against choice,” she said, laughing. “It would be good if we could withhold all sympathies, sex and support from the unfortunate members of the Supreme Court.”

A really interesting thing has happened since the Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health ruling was announced. Not only are liberals being reminded that their hero, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg did not agree with the Roe v Wade decision when it came down fifty years ago, but they are beginning to show resentment for her. She didn’t retire during the Obama years. She held on through her advancing age and health challenges instead of retiring and allowing Obama to appoint someone to fill the seat. Then she died when Trump was in office and the rest is history.

“RBG was a hero for many reasons. But the terrible irony is that her decision to stay too long at the party helped lead to the destruction of one of the things she cared about the most,” Hollywood Reporter columnist Scott Feinberg tweeted. “Sadly, this will be a big part of her legacy.

Podcast host Katie Harper sarcastically wrote she was “So glad RBG kept planking instead of retiring from the Supreme Court,” with a photo of the elderly justice doing a plank in a gym.

“Thanks especially to RBG today for making this possible,” tweeted freelance journalist Eoin Higgins, who also thanked former President Obama “for not recess appointing Garland or whoever to replace Scalia, your inaction and failed presidency helped make this moment a reality.”

Some social media posts are really quite ugly. I prefer to look at posts by some conservatives who are celebrating the Court’s decision.

Good times, good times.

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