Ok, so you guys are going to have to watch this for yourselves and decide whether or not Nancy Pelosi actually shoves Mayra Flores’ little girl. We’ve watched it and watched it and ya’ know, it looks like she shoved her to us …

But hey, we should be fair and balanced or something, right?

Watch this and tell us what you think:

This ‘Desi’ person was good enough to even slow it down. Keep in mind that Nancy flaps those arms of hers around like she’s thinking of taking flight but even with that being said, it appears she looks down at the little girl briefly and then gives her a shove.

A little push.

And of course, she has that bizarre robotic smile on her face the entire time.

Man, that just looks bad, right?

We keep asking ourselves that same question.

Maybe she didn’t realize she was on camera at the time?

We dunno.

Nope, not at all.

Again, we can neither confirm nor deny there was a shove … but yeah.



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