Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, you’d better watch out. The Supreme Court is comin’ for you.

But don’t take our word for it; take Whoopi Goldberg, who famously always knows exactly what she’s talking about.

She and her fellow experts on “The View” were, of course, tackling SCOTUS’ Dobbs ruling today from the Bahamas:


(Here’s what Ana Navarro had to say about her disabled brother, in case you missed it.)

“Mentally unstable Sunny Hostin” is her full legal name, actually.

“Kids are better off dead” is a favorite refrain of the pro-abort crowd.

Obviously, all of the above clips from “The View” are chock-full o’ stupid. But we’re going to focus on this one because it’s the stupidest of them all. And that’s no  small feat!

So much to unpack there.

It’s funny for several reasons, but that’s definitely one of them.

It certainly is.

Whoopi Goldberg is just so aggressively chronically wrong.

How can you not laugh?

When you have no idea what the hell you’re talking about but you’re too in love with the sound of your own voice to shut up.

“The View” is very special, indeed.

It kinda does, now that you mention it. Good thing Clarence Thomas isn’t the sort of guy who gets intimidated easily.

Narrator: She doesn’t see how that works. She doesn’t see how any of this works.



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