It’s been several days now since the world ended, but somehow, we’re all still here, if only barely.

Who’s going to talk us off of this ledge? Sadly, it looks like it’s not gonna be Canadian OB/GYN and pro-abortion advocate Dr. Jen Gunter. Not if she has to share a space “with a ‘pro-life/anti-abortion’ voice,” at least:

Jen Gunter has integrity, you see. She will not be part of any factual discussion that also includes someone who has fallen under the spell of “fetal worship.”

Give this woman a Nobel Prize or something. Her stunning bravery is unmatched.

Yes, the CBC has a massive platform and would actually be the perfect place to debate abortion rights, but only if the debate is completely one-sided!

Clearly, Dr. Jennifer Gunter is 150% confident that her point of view is the right one, so what’s even the point of giving her a golden opportunity to defend that point of view against someone with a conflicting perspective?

Dr. Jennifer Gunter thinks she comes off great. And yes, there are people out there who agree with her.

And by “agree with her,” we mean “don’t understand how debates are supposed to work”:

By this same logic, no one should ever debate Holocaust deniers, either. Or racists. Or anyone who’s wrong about any issue.

If Dr. Jennifer Gunter were being honest with herself, she’d still pull out of a debate with a pro-lifer. But not because the pro-lifer is “wrong.” Gunter should pull herself out of a debate with a pro-lifer because she just straight-up sucks at making a pro-choice/pro-abortion case:



Blue-checked pro-abort OB/GYN Jen Gunter would like to remind everyone that ‘it’s not a baby dipsh*t, it’s a fetus’

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