CNN’s Jake Tapper sat down with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the G-7 meeting in Germany. The wild-haired world leader, who just survived a vote of no confidence at home, rebutted Tapper’s repeated attempts to lead him into expressing concern about democracy in America. In fact, Johnson conveyed great confidence in America and our nation’s global impact.

In his most serious voice, Tapper set up his question. “We’re here at the G-7, a gathering of the world’s leading democracies. When I talk to friends in Canada, the U.K., Australia, and elsewhere, people express concern about the United States.” Johnson roughed up his hair and squinted, “About the United States? Why?” To his credit, Johnson looked genuinely confused.

Tapper went on. “About the United States in terms of our ability and our institutions to thrive and continue after what happened with the election of 2020. They worry that democracy is on life support in the United States.”

To this day, Democrats and the corporate media see the riot that lasted a few hours on Jan 6, 2021, as a sign that “our democracy” is in peril. Tapper’s foreign friends must watch CNN. But for all his feigned concern about our institutions, his network is pretty quiet when Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-N.Y.) calls the Supreme Court illegitimate while using a bullhorn provided by a revolutionary communist. There was also almost no coverage of an assassination attempt on a Supreme Court justice or the continued threats against all of the justices.

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Almost no mainstream network criticized Attorney General Merrick Garland for the unprecedented move of publishing statements opposing recent rulings on guns and abortion. New York City mayor Eric Adams and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) declared they would ignore the court’s decisions with no objection from their Democratic peers or the corporate commentariat.

After Tapper noted that Johnson was born in the U.S., to which Johnson answered, “New York City, a fantastic place,” he asked the prime minister, “Are you worried at all?” Johnson’s answer could not have been more clear or more pro-America. Emphatically he responded:

“No! I want to say this to the people of the United States. I am not. Let’s get back to what I have been trying to say to you throughout this interview. I think that reports of the death of democracy in the United States are grossly, grossly exaggerated. America is a shining city on a hill. And for me, it will continue to be so.”

And I think that the mere fact Joe Biden stepping up to the plate [regarding Ukraine and NATO] in the way that he has shows that the instincts of America are still very much in the right place.”

Appearing to refer to the aftermath of the 2020 election, Johnson said there were some “weird” and “unattractive scenes.” Tapper interrupted and said, “People died. It was pretty serious.” Someone should remind Tapper that the only people who died as a direct result of the riot on Jan. 6, 2021, were Trump supporters killed by law enforcement. Johnson cut him off, repeating that looking from the outside in it was “pretty weird.”

Since Johnson lives in Europe, Jan 6 likely looked like an average Wednesday in France during the yellow vest protests in his eyes. Once again, Johnson was firm. “I don’t believe American democracy is under serious threat. Far from it,” he emphasized. “I continue to believe that America is the greatest global guarantor of democracy and freedom.”

Johnson’s assessment of America sounds much more like President Trump’s description than Joe Biden’s usual rhetoric does. Throughout President Trump’s term, leading Democrats would say things like, “America was never that great.” Two of Trump’s major speeches in Poland and at Mount Rushmore celebrated the history of Western culture and America’s exceptional history of expanding human rights to include everyone. The corporate media and Democrats decried both as dark, divisive, and even racist.

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President Biden refers to people who did not vote for him or disagree with his policies as “Ultra-MAGA.” He has also made several comments questioning the strength of democratic systems. In a preview of his speech marking his 100th day in office, he told Tapper:

“They’re going to write about this point in history… About whether or not democracy can function in the 21st century. Not a joke. Whether autocracy is the answer — they were my discussions and debates I’d have in the many times I met with [China’s President] Xi. Think about it. You know, things are moving so damn rapidly. Things are changing so rapidly in the world in science and technology and a whole range of other issues that the question is: In a democracy that’s such a genius as ours, can you get consensus in the timeframe that can compete with autocracy?”

There has never been another president who has posed such a question. Nor is there another president who has allowed his Department of Justice to become weaponized against his political opposition. Jimmy Carter was president the last time America was at the mercy of autocracies and dictators for something as basic as oil and gas. It has been that long since working and middle-class families felt the crush of crippling inflation and America faced a serious threat of open war.

Carter’s mess ushered in the president who restored America to the shining city on the hill. Let’s hope, in at least that way, that history repeats itself. We need another president who loves America and everything it stands for and embraces policies that lead to abundance and prosperity. In other words, what Tapper, his colleagues, and their Democrat handlers call a “threat to democracy.”

WATCH the full exchange between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Jake Tapper:

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