I know, this is not an original question, but the evidence continues to accumulate that there’s something deeply amiss with the psychology of many leftists.

Such as the people who think this is an effective look for protesting the Dobbs decision:


But maybe my favorite are the folks who thought, after Dobbs leaked, that the Court could be influence by . . . Tik-Tok dances. I wish I was making this up.

By the way, I’ve never heard of either. Here’s one of their other cutting-edge commentaries (with my favorite excerpted):

12 Reasons White Women Were a Mistake

#5. White women are fat and shapeless

White women are often obese, but more important than that is the way the fat is distributed on their bodies. It just sort of goes all over, and even drips out in monstrous teardrop shaped globules like they’re some kind of fetid monster from a fantasy game.

I thought the word of the day now is “body positivity”?

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