We’ve already dedicated a couple of posts to liberals concerned that allowing a Christian high school football coach to pray privately on the field will open a can of worms that will lead to Jews and Muslims also wanting to pray privately in public places, and wouldn’t that be terrifying. Obviously we can’t do a post on every single lefty freaking out about this, because it would take up all of our time. But if a take is terrible in a unique sort of way, we’ll cover it.

That’s why we’re covering this one from Atlantic contributing writer and perpetually wrong and stupid person Jemele Hill:

We’ll ignore the “please let a Muslim coach try this and see what happens” part because, as we said earlier, we’ve already beaten that dead horse quite a bit. We’re going to focus on the first sentence of Hill’s tweet, which — surprise! — is totally wrong and stupid.

The issue was about Coach Joseph Kennedy praying — privately, we must emphasize — on a high school football field. So Hill’s wrong and stupid about that. She is also wrong and stupid about Coach Kennedy “pressuring other students to join him.” Kennedy did no such thing.

He didn’t pressure students. Students who participated did so willingly.

Jemele is lying to her followers. Must be a day ending in “y.”

It’s almost as if Jemele Hill hates the idea that the First Amendment also applies to Christians and conservatives.

Ridiculous standards and loads of BS are kind of Jemele Hill’s thing.

Can’t stop, won’t stop.



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