Former GOP-congressman-turned-MSNBC-host-turned-Donald-Trump-sycophant-turned-Resistance-flag-waver Joe Scarborough has had the weekend to process the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision and this morning, he’s still struggling to understand how something like this could have happened in America.

Because there’s something inherently violent about determining that there’s no constitutional right to kill your unborn baby:

Another top-notch take from Joe Scarborough.

That certainly is a notable aspect of Joe’s little rant. It’s an aspect of many Principled Conservative™ Resistance Thought Leaders’ rants.

But Scarborough’s take is a hot mess in other respects. Like this one, for example:

It’s probably a pretty safe bet that he didn’t read it, yes.

That seems pretty generous, Mr. Cooke. Joe Scarborough’s more of a shoot-first-ask-questions-later-or-probably-never kind of guy, but we suppose that it’s technically possible that he read it. We know him to be both ignorant and dishonest.

Insane … and actually pretty dangerous, if you think about it.

They see making people angry as their job.

This language from Scarborough et al. is very deliberate:

They know exactly what they’re doing. They’re not denouncing potential violence so much as they are calling for even more of it.

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