A photo of a pregnant woman holding a child on her hip with her pregnant stomach exposed encapsulates the extremity of the modern pro-choice movement. Advanced in her pregnancy, the woman’s fully inhabited womb bears the words ‘not yet human.’

The contrast between a living, breathing child next to a life that is merely moments from existence is grotesque for anyone who believes that life begins in the womb.

Roe v. Wade was decided at a time when abortion was promised to be safe, legal, and rare.  As the goal of the pro-choice movement shifted from legality and begrudging acceptance to a call for the celebration of abortions with campaigns like “shout your abortion,” the issue was brought to a head. Individuals were pushed toward cheering for the termination of innocent lives or taking a strict stand against abortion.

The middle ground is not really an option when the middle is constantly being moved and redefined to suit partisan agenda. A nine-month-old fetus being crudely declared ‘not yet human’ by its own mother isn’t all that shocking when you consider the willingness to legalize abortion at the most advanced stages of pregnancy.

If repealing a Supreme Court decision that has stood for 50 years seems extreme, talk to the mothers who don’t see a problem with terminating a life they have carried in their womb for nine months or more. Extremity begat extremity, if one side of the political aisle wants to go all-in on celebrating abortion at any stage of pregnancy, the opposing side is ready to take a stand against the precedence that has allowed the progression of the practice.

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