It is finally time for the Left to take a break from the hot pursuit of doling out justice for anyone involved in the January 6th ‘insurrection’ and tend to their own protest efforts. Not for the first time, The Bee saw this coming:

As protests have developed in response to the SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, many Conservatives are noting the insurrection-y tone and escalating activity.

It was clear right away the Left had no intention of peacefully accepting the SCOTUS ruling. Every American has the right to protest a government decision, but what crosses the line into insurrection territory? Only Liberals truly understand what qualifies as an insurrection, they’ll let us know when they are in the process of executing a true violent uprising.

By some measures, January 6 became a true insurrection when protesters entered the Capitol building. If that’s the case, then a storming of the Arizona State Capitol certainly had some common elements with the events of January 6.

If entering public property doesn’t qualify as insurrection when Democrats do it, maybe the key element is destruction. Though, it is hard to compare the theft of a podium to arson when it comes to the treatment of public property.

Or perhaps outright public calls for revolt and the denouncement of opposing partisan decisions coming from political leaders could be deemed insurrectionist behavior? That doesn’t seem to have occurred in the case of January 6, so it may not qualify.

What about undermining the authority of a branch of government that was intended to have equal control in a system of balanced government?

The hypocrisy rings, loud and clear. The Right continues to call out the differences in how narratives are applied to behaviors based on partisan association and the agenda that is being pursued.

Silly Conservatives, there will be no insurrection hearings for the ones whose outrage and resulting response, however violent, is deemed justified by the Left and their media sympathizers.

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