OK, we had to look around to see if this was real or just a really good parody, and we’re pretty sure that IQfy, “a non-partisan project working to elevate the discourse by designing and signal boosting smarter content,” is a really good parody after looking at their timeline. Everything they write is just crazy enough to make you believe it’s real. It’s really dry, like Titania McGrath dry.

IQfy recently posted an article entitled, “Seven TikTok dances you can do to save Roe v. Wade.” This was written after the leaked draft decision, so there was still time to save Roe “through the awareness-spreading power of dance.”

But here’s the best part of the bit: IQfy has appended an update now that Roe v. Wade has been struck down:

Post Roe v. Wade decision update: This is a somber moment for us. We acknowledge that TikTok dances may not have been the greatest tactic to get the SCOTUS draft rejected, but please understand that this was part of a greater awareness campaign. Please, also stop attacking us and our writers online. We are all our own worst critics, after all. It is now time to snuff that critic out and start the healing process: Self-care in the post-Roe v. Wade apocalypse: 7 top tips.

“Please stop attacking us and our writers.” We’re pretty certain that was a dig at Taylor Lorenz, and a good one at that.

They listed seven dances, like The Handmaid’s Dance and The Termination Tango: “The Termination Tango is about grief, loss, and resilience. It’s about how we keep dancing even when the world is trying to grind us down by turning us into forced breeding vessels.”

It’s not real, but it’s spectacular.


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