During the same interview in which Hillary Clinton went on a racially charged rant against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Gayle King asked her about a possible presidential run in 2024:

Ew. Ew, Gayle.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Shanker, they can. Just ask CNN’s Chris Cillizza:

Cillizza’s piece concludes:

While I find it utterly implausible that Clinton would run against Biden in a primary in 2024, I also think that an open nomination — if Biden takes a pass on running — would be something that would be hard for Clinton to not at least look at. That’s not to say she would run. It’s only to say that her name would get bandied about if the seat was open. That’s a lock.

Then there’s the Roe decision to consider. Clinton’s comments about not running again came before Roe was decided. As someone who has fought for women’s rights throughout her career as first lady, US senator and secretary of state, might the Supreme Court’s ruling have changed her calculus somewhat as she looks to her own future?

Again, the chances are very slim that Clinton runs again. But they aren’t zero.

It’s cute that he’s trying to play it cool, but you know that inside, he wants Hillary Clinton to run again. He wants it bad. Real bad.

CNN has amply demonstrated that they’re not afraid to throw all their money at complete flaming garbage (peace be upon CNN+). So clearly they have no reason to stop employing Chris Cillizza for his political “analysis.”

Makes a nice contrast with the point on Chris Cillizza’s dunce cap.

Hey, man. If they want to try this strategy and see how it goes, we’re not going to stand in their way.

Harder. Faster.



CNN’s Chris Cillizza not taking a ‘why it matters’ approach after Biden bike spill (unlike with Trump walking down a ramp)

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