Go woke, go broke, Amazon. Just sayin’.

Imagine how broken or warped someone has to be to ‘grieve’ SCOTUS giving the decisions around abortion back to the states and the people. Seriously, grieving? Oh, and how cocky are these employees who think they can demand anything?

Audit all political donations? WHAT?!

What a bunch of entitled a-holes.

Oh, we like the bit about how it was edited to add ‘more inclusive language.’


Holy crap.

Or you know, change nothing and let them ‘quit’.

Because we know only a handful of them really would.


This is an insult to children.

That they don’t.



‘We see you. We’ve always seen you.’ Dumisani Washington DROPS racist Lefties hurling slur after slur at Justice Clarence Thomas

‘This is BIG’: Jan 6th Committee accused of withholding and misrepresenting testimony and critical evidence by KEY witness

‘It wasn’t ENOUGH’: Gay man calls down the THUNDER on Lefties for ‘destroying equality for us’ in amazing ‘message to the Left’

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