The late Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who helped engineer the passage of abortion laws in New York in the 1960s and oversaw 75,000 abortions, admitted publicly that to get its way, the pro-abortion lobby lied, made-up statistics, and demonized the Catholic Church. After the development of ultrasound, Dr. Nathanson came to terms with what he was doing, faced the science, became pro-life, and was even eventually baptized a Catholic. Such are the ironies of life.

The one constant is that pro-abortion advocates are still lying and demonizing people of faith. Unlike Dr. Nathanson, they are not interested in what science says about the biology of the unborn child. The pro-aborts have never really had to fight for what they believe. It was handed to them on a silver platter by the Supreme Court only a few years after their movement had begun. That was when abortion moved from being a Mafia-style clandestine enterprise to going public as a so-called “legitimate” business. And the money has been good. Nurses can make a week’s pay in an afternoon. Their pro-life opponents have been self-funded volunteers, their office often the kitchen table. During this fight, abortion advocates have racked up billions in profits and bought politicians by the trainload. It was always a true David-and-Goliath struggle.

This may explain why the arguments you are hearing today by pro-abortion advocates are as stale as a 50-year-old loaf of bread. The media still laps up these 1960s-retread arguments, and even some on the right have conceded way too much. Don’t fall for it. There are so many false claims peddled on mainstream media in the wake of the Dobbs decision. Here are just a few.

Claim: Pro-lifers don’t care about the material needs of both mother and child. According to this argument, abortion is all about solving financial needs. The latest meme making the rounds is pure socialist nonsense. If pro-life people cared about people, they would cover all the costs of parents raising children. If only everything in life were free, then no one would get an abortion. Abortion exists because Head Start doesn’t have enough funding. Never mind that there are more pro-life pregnancy centers in New York City offering help to mothers than abortion clinics peddling death.

John Cardinal O’Connor called their bluff on this canard decades ago. He offered to provide all assistance necessary to any mother in need to help her keep her baby or give it up for adoption. Many did ask for help, but fears that he would bankrupt the diocese went unfounded. Liberal pie-in-the-sky talking points on this have no street cred. Many people going to the abortion clinic are there out of fear, not because they can’t balance their budget. Most don’t even have a budget or know what that means. They feel abandoned by friends and family. And once the fear recedes, the list of must-have needs moves closer to the real needs of day-to-day life. Arguments like, “I can’t have a child because I don’t have enough money for their college education,” melt away like the morning dew. As in most challenges, it comes down to one step at a time and practical help from caring people.

Usually, the fear has a face. It’s the boyfriend who promises to leave or threatens physical violence, the parents using whatever shred of credibility they have to save themselves from social stigma or inconvenience, or peer pressure from nitwit friends who, like the boyfriend, will ditch them later whether they have the abortion or not. For a smaller number, it is the predominantly white liberal fear that achievement in life and having children are mutually exclusive. They sell themselves and motherhood so very short. Does anyone wonder where all those friends will be for them when they are old?

If abortion were such a positive good, why does the pro-abortion movement have to scare people out of their wits to force them into it? The documentation on abortion coercion in America is important. No, if cradle-to-grave socialism were implemented, abortions would not disappear. Truth be told, people on Medicaid are already on cradle-to-grave socialism, and abortion is more prevalent now than before there was Medicaid. Help is available for mothers who want to keep their babies. Help isn’t available for abortionists who lose a hefty paycheck from abortion and the repackaging charges for body parts. That is the actual financial need lurking behind this talking point. Clinics have budgets, payrolls, and quotas to meet.

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Claim: Pro-lifers are just giving me a guilt trip. My body, myself? Female autonomy? Pro-lifers are dictators? Tell it to the COVID-19 czars who punish you for not doing what they want with “your body.” If being dependent on you means you can get rid of someone, how many teenagers would be sent to the gallows? How many frail elderly parents would be given a lethal injection?

And if a mother is female, how come her body becomes miraculously male in the womb? Science tells us your body parts like your appendix, tonsils, arms, legs, and heart all have the same DNA. In the womb, we are talking about a completely different DNA. Sorry, but if the DNA is different, it isn’t “your” body. And God forbid if your child grew up to be a criminal, but his or her DNA evidence wouldn’t mean you go to jail. The law is pretty consistent that DNA is a unique marker of identity for each individual.

Claim: It is not a life; you are exaggerating. A recent survey of 5,000 biologists from 1,000 different institutions who described themselves as 89% liberal, 85% pro-choice, and 63% nonreligious were asked if they agreed with the premise “Human life begins at conception.” 96% agree. So there is no such thing as a potential human being. In human biology, humanity exists, or it doesn’t. Once you get into the business of conferring humanity on others, you’ve crossed the ultimate line. This is why one wag commented after the Dobbs decision that Democrats haven’t been this mad since their slaves were freed. Yep, you don’t have life and death authority over a child any more than you do over a slave.

Claim: Pro-lifers believe in forced pregnancy. In ordinary day-to-day life, children aren’t delivered by the stork. Once the choice to have sex is made, the possibility of becoming pregnant is on the table. That is when the choice is made, not after. Men fall into two basic categories, predators and protectors. The predators see abortion as the ultimate contraception. It will absolve them from all responsibility. The collateral damage to women is irrelevant. Truly the main argument for abortion is the one made much more honestly by those who think the libertine sexual revolution is a positive societal good, and by corporate materialist executives who worship at the altar of efficiency. They insist children have no right to interfere in the lives of adults or the profits of the company, and it is imperative that those that do can be, and often should be, destroyed at will. Brutal, but far more honest.

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Claim: The pro-life movement is violent. No, the pro-life movement has modeled itself on the nonviolent approach of the Rev. Martin Luther King. Their opponents, as a quick look at the news after the Dobbs decision indicates, are willing to wage a reign of terror to get their way. In 49 years, there have been seven abortion clinic-related murders and 45 acts of property vandalism. There has been more property damage in the last week than in 49 years of the pro-life movement!  And the highest cause of death among pregnant women in the United States appears to be — murder, or femicide as they call it in this academic study. The study also finds that the risk of domestic abuse is three times higher for pregnant women than in the general population and is higher in the black community. Does this explain why nearly 50% of black pregnancies end in abortion? Pro-abortion folks are not coming to this argument with clean hands if they pretend there isn’t widespread violence on their side, nor that they aren’t profiting from it. Abortion is just the bandaid used to conceal a host of other domestic problems politicians and social leaders don’t want to face.

Characterizing pro-lifers as violent is like calling Sen. Bernie Sanders the leader of a violent movement because one of his supporters gunned down Republican Congressmen on a baseball field. It’s another mindless talking point—pure mud-slinging.

Claim: Don’t impose your values on me. Is it OK if I impose laws against slavery, child abuse, rape, or murder on you? All law imposes values on you. The very fact that you have to obey any law imposes a value on you. Think about it. And what about when President Obama wanted to force the Little Sisters of the Poor to pay for abortions for their employees? How many years did the Obama and Biden hypocrites chase those nuns through the courts until the Supreme Court told them to back off? The pro-aborts would instead have closed down this incredible life-affirming medical care for the indigent poor than allow one nun to escape paying for their employee’s abortion.

A pro-abortion friend critical of the Dobbs decision said people shouldn’t impose their values; they should live and let live. Live and let live? I think he said more than he realized. Why would these same people insist on imposing their lack of values on those nuns? Probably for the same reason there is so much rage in the streets. When you look yourself in the mirror, you either realize you made a mistake, like former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson, and correct it, or you get very mad and destroy the mirror or anyone who, by their very existence, is a mirror to your conscience.

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