David Hogg is BIG MAD at his own party over Roe. *snort*

At least that’s what we THINK he’s mad about.

This thread is a rambling mess of virtue-signaling and angst …

Seems he’s unhappy with leadership not doing more to protect abortion? Maybe?

Take a look, what do you guys think?

Yeah, resign!


Hey, we wouldn’t cry about it.


Please note we didn’t make a joke about Hogg knowing a dumba*s when he sees one.

Some conservatives are pretty damn smart.

But sure, it’s liberal ignorance that’s screwing things up – let’s go with that.


WHOA. Check out the big brain (sorta) on David.

Yup, Democrats could have ‘taken care of this’ over a decade ago, but they cared more about hosing our healthcare.

Lucky us.

You’re losing because your ideas are stupid and unAmerican.

But do go on.

Unions suck.

Sorry, not sorry.

Another useless gun law that won’t stop gun violence.

Way to go, Dems.

Because abortion-on-demand up to birth was helping the American people?

Weird flex.



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