Fox News host Mark Levin torched Democrats in a recent monologue on Life, Liberty & Levin; he says Democrats claim to follow the science on everything except Roe v. Wade. “This is a party that supports abortion, the most extreme kind of abortion: infanticide right up to the last second,” Levin says.

“And when you do partial-birth abortion… they take a very, very big syringe. They stick it into… the top of the head of the baby. They drain the brain out. They turn the baby around, now dead, and pull it out by its feet,” he said, explaining how that platform contradicts Democrats’ demands to “follow the science” regarding coronavirus and vaccines.

“You see, if we ‘follow that science,’ that’s a baby. We know the baby feels pain,” he said. “If we ‘follow the science,’ Roe v Wade would have died of its own weight.”

“Most Americans do not believe in extremist positions on abortion…like Nancy Pelosi does; like Chuck Schumer does; like the Democrat Party does.”

Watch the clip above.

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