Good morning, lovely Kruiser Morning Briefing fans! Stephen is fine. He says “hello” and “bring more IPAs.”

This is my first crack at the Morning Briefing. My good friend Kruiser told me to “do it the KDJ way” so that is what I will do. If I’m not writing the briefing tomorrow, I have FAILED!

I will open by saying this: Yes, you read the title correctly–today it’s the morning beefing. Why? because I have beef, and I’m giving it out like a July 4th BBQ.

Beef With the Bolshies

One of the zillions of things I hate about the Marxy leftist sitzpinklers is the way they hijack our language to make their obscenities seem noble.

The truth is that the left HAS to change our language because the truth isn’t on their side. To Marxtards, abortion isn’t ending the life of a child, it’s “healthcare” or a “freedom” as though terminating a pregnancy is somehow akin to having a tooth pulled or driving with your windows down and your AC on full blast.

Another twisting of our language is the left accusing conservatives of “forcing” women to give birth. I’m sure you’ve seen the blue-haired, fatty unf***ables parading around in Handmaid Halloween costumes, suggesting they are being “forced” to have a baby. No one is “forcing” these wookies to have unprotected sex. If there is any “forcing” going on it would be these grotesque dime museums wrenching a drunk man into their bed in the first place.

Weebles Wobble, But They Won’t Lie Down

So now the fatty acids are going to teach us a lesson and begin a “sex strike.” They probably should have gone old-school and started with a traditional hunger strike first, but these beastly burdens don’t seem to have a grasp on self-control.

Check out these salad-dodging love goblins:

I wouldn’t put a meat thermometer in these gravy-covered coquettes, much less my…nevermind. You get the point.

FACT-O-RAMA! In my circle, a “secret admirer” is a guy who sleeps with an albatross like these skifoosas and says, “Let’s keep this a secret.”

Another example of commandeering  our language is the “lefty switch.” This is where they refer to abortion as a Constitutional “right” while declaring guns ghastly devices that should be regulated. Sorry, commies, but guns are a right. It’s in the Constitution. Abortion is neither a right nor a freedom. It’s an escape hatch for negligent behavior.

And they need to stop saying “guns have more rights than my uterus.” Here is the truth:

  • Handguns are not allowed on planes, in hospitals, or at larger entertainment venues. Uteruses are not banned anywhere except for schools run by the Taliban.
  • No one has ever been arrested for carrying a concealed uterus without a permit.
  • Uteruses are not expected to be locked up at night, though some clearly should be.

Ok, rant over. Commies are lying liar heads, but you knew that.

Here is the part where I include links to other wonderful things!

SELF PROMOTION-O-RAMA! I have a radio show every Tuesday (that’s today!) from 5:00-6:00 pm. You can listen to it here at Set your alarms and listen to me call out the commies. If you don’t like it, I will take 60 minutes off my life and send it to yours.

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