In case you missed it like we did, celebrated actress House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez graced last night’s “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” with her presence. So generous of her to take time out of her busy schedule of amassing social media clout doing very important political business to get out there and mingle with the peasants from afar.

Watch and fawn:

When AOC refers to GOP congressmen bringing in “insurrectionists to essentially case the joint,” we assume she’s referring to the footage of GOP Rep. Barry Loudermilk leading a group on a tour at the Capitol and in House office buildings on January 5, 2021. That supposed smoking gun turned out to be a huge bust, but AOC’s not the type of gal to let facts get in the way of a juicy narrative, is she?

The “insurrectionists” aren’t “very intelligent.” Unlike AOC here, who believes that allowing babies to be born is a violation of human rights and that “pregnant person” is a scientific term.

Oh, lawdy … specifically bringing up Dred Scott with regard to bad SCOTUS decisions. Libs have been doing this a whole lot, evidently not realizing that Dred Scott was “settled law” once, too, before it was overturned, just like Roe v. Wade. AOC doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about, but she knows she wants Joe Biden to do an end-run around SCOTUS by expanding and packing the court so she can get what she wants.

And in her mind, that’s all she really needs to know. And it’s all Stephen Colbert needs to know in order to know that he wants her to replace Joe Biden as president in 2024:

Annnnnnd scene.

Well, there’s actually one more thing from AOC’s appearance that we’d like to highlight:

“Not a single laugh” is a little unfair … the audience did laugh when AOC mentioned FDR’s nonexistent “Green New Deal.”

Anyways! We hope you enjoyed that little spectacle as much as we did. Of course, no one could possibly have enjoyed it more than Stephen Colbert.



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