It’s not exactly breaking news that Tom Nichols is a flaming piece of flaming human excrement these days, but it’s always worth showcasing the new and creative ways he finds to debase and disgrace himself.

Over the weekend, the bodies of more than 50 dead migrants were found in a truck in San Antonio, Texas. We know that liberals don’t even bat an eye when 50 people get shot over a weekend in Chicago, but since these are migrants we’re talking about, maybe they’d be at least a little upset.

In Tom Nichols’ case, though, he’s got better things to talk about. Like January 6. So when he saw that Fox News was discussing the migrants’ deaths yesterday instead of the January 6 committee hearings, he was pretty disgusted:

“It’s caravan time.”

The Washington Examiner’s Jerry Dunleavy kindly stepped in to remind Tom about the aspects of “caravan time” that so many conservatives find disturbing:

Naturally, Tom Nichols, having sacrificed his humanity at the altar of Resistance grift a long time ago, was unmoved:

Re: “the rest of the chyron blaming Joe Biden” …

OK, so Tom was lying about the chyron. Because of course he was.

That’s typical Tom Nichols.

As is so often the case, in the battle of Tom vs. Jerry, Jerry won. Handily.

But that doesn’t meant that Tom was finished getting his smug butt handed to him. How could he have been finished? He is a masochist, after all:

You wanna know what’s really really something to see? Tom Nichols getting hoisted even higher with his own petard:

Stephen Miller got the receipt ball rolling:

After that, it was a free for all. Dunleavy dug up a whole bunch of Nichols’ previous illegal immigration takes. Here are just a few of them:

And then there’s this one:

And there still are plenty — and we mean pa-lenty — more where all those came from.

No, Tom’s not depressed. He’s just a jerk. An opportunistic, intellectually dishonest, morally bankrupt jerk.

America’s Area Expert™ at being a piece of s**t.

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