The Parental Rights in Education law is about to go into effect, and we’re hearing stories of teachers hiding pictures of their spouses, taking off their rainbow lanyards, and scraping “safe-space” stickers off of their classroom doors. News has reached Chasten Buttigieg:

Um, note that Buttigieg said they were doing it “out of fear,” not because the Parental Rights in Education law demanded it. Brian Taylor Cohen was passing around the same story:

Which Florida school district? Got a link? Never mind, Amygator found it:

Let’s look into this a bit. From WFTV:

Some of the measures appeared to be far outside what the law actually forbids, as it focuses primarily on mental health monitoring and classroom curriculums.

“It will be alarming if our district chooses to interpret this law in the most extreme way,” CTA President-Elect Clinton McCracken said. “We want them to protect student privacy. We want them to make sure that they’re creating and helping to create safe classrooms. We believe our school board supports that.”

In a separate conversation, an [Orange County Public Schools] official said the district needed to err on the side of caution until state officials provided more clarity. The strict interpretations, they said, were necessary to protect both students and teachers. The latter could have their teaching licenses revoked if they run afoul of the law, the official said.

So some of the measures appear to be “far outside” what the law actually forbids. The teachers’ union doesn’t want the school district to “interpret this law in the most extreme way.” And an official said they need to “err on the side of caution.” In other words, Buttigieg was right; they’re doing these things out of fear, not because of Gov. Ron DeSantis.


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