If you thought Elizabeth Warren was off the reservation for wanting to set up Planned Parenthood abortion outposts on the edges of national parks, we regret to inform you that she was only just getting warmed up:

It’s more important than ever to stop the harmful practices of crisis pregnancy centers that provide counseling and help for pregnant women! Thank God for Democrats like Elizabeth Warren and Bob Menendez who aren’t afraid to step up and ensure that the only option pregnant women in crisis have is killing their unborn baby!

No, we most certainly cannot have that.

That is literally what she wants, yes.

No wonder Democrats didn’t get upset about the baby formula shortage until it became politically expedient. They don’t care if new moms have a means to feed their babies, because they don’t want the babies to be born in the first place.

Abortion must be the only viable (“viable”) option for pregnant women, otherwise what’s even the point?

The point is cruelty. Abject cruelty.

They have never given a damn about women. They’ve never given a damn about children. They’ve never given a damn about humanity. All they care about is money and about the threat Dobbs poses to their bloody pipeline to and from Planned Parenthood’s butchers.

Pregnancy crisis centers have already been targeted by pro-abort terrorists. Elizabeth Warren wants to ensure that keeps happening. Because for her, there’s no such thing as too many dead pro-lifers — or too many dead babies.

Fact-check: true.



NBC News makes generous contribution to false pro-abort narratives surrounding pregnancy crisis centers

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