As we discussed earlier, the media have begun a rather conspicuous pivot regarding Cassidy Hutchinson’s sworn testimony yesterday.

Much of the spotlight is on Cassidy Hutchinson right now, but truth be told, the media deserve a huge chunk of spotlight, too, for the way they’ve been conducting themselves. And the way they’ve been conducting themselves is pathetically and transparently and absolutely shamelessly.

And Glenn Greenwald is calling them out on it in a blistering thread:

Media firefighters are only skeptical of facts that call their preferred narratives into question. Otherwise, they’re more than happy to just nod their heads and press forward without a second thought.

The press is supposed to care about facts and getting to the bottom of a story. They’re supposed to put aside their own personal biases and strive for objectivity.

But for much of the legacy media, they see themselves as glorified mouthpieces for the Democratic Party. And that’s a real shame. They do both the public and themselves a great disservice.


And it’s going to keep happening, because no matter how much egg they’ve gotten on their faces, the media will never learn their lesson.

That’s certainly how it seems to work these days.

And the media wonder why no one trusts them anymore.



Media firefighters abandon Cassidy Hutchinson’s actual testimony in favor of Liz Cheney’s dramatic interpretation

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