This mega-viral tweet post-Dobbs and the overturning of Roe v. Wade from Rep. Ilhan Omar has over 58,000 likes and it’s COMPLETELY WRONG:

Here’s the 5-point fact check from our Townhall colleague, Guy Benson (stick around for No. 5 — it’s the best one!):

No. 1: There is no such thing as the “popular vote” and even if there were, she’s wrong:

“Falsehoods galore from this liar. 1) The popular vote is not how we elect presidents, but she’s wrong. Roberts & Alito appointed by W after he won the popular vote. Same w/ Thomas & GHWB (btw Trump won a higher % of the popular vote than Bill Clinton, who picked RBG & Breyer)”

No. 2: They did not lie under oath:

“2) They did not lie under oath, but if Ilhan thinks they did, she should lead the charge to impeach Kagan & Sotomayor for the same non-offense.”

No. 3: Total BS:

“3) None of the justices are “credibly accused” of sexual assault.”

No. 4: Cry more about Cocaine Mitch:

4) No seat was “stolen” (she can take it up with Biden & Schumer), and I thought false claims that undermine faith in our system were supposed to be bad.

And, finally, No. 5: Doe she *REALLY* want to go there?

5) I’m not sure this particular Congresswoman wants to get into a political fights# over guilt-by-association, or…ahem…spouses.




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