Cassidy Hutchinson has gone from being an unknown to a veritable Resistance celebrity and icon in near-record time, thanks to her testimony during the January 6 committee hearings yesterday. And we don’t begrudge her that, of course. Let her enjoy it.

But is it too much to ask that the media try a little harder to keep their unbridled enthusiasm in check and cover her testimony somewhat accurately? Evidently the answer to that question is “yes.” Here’s how the Washington Post’s Carol Leonnig chose to cover a particular part of Hutchinson’s testimony:

Yeah, now we know.

We know that Carol Leonnig is so starved for a silver bullet to nail Donald Trump that she’s willing to take some journalistic liberties in her reporting:

It’s only one word, “me.” But it’s a consequential one. And if it was Liz Cheney who emphasized it and not Cassidy Hutchinson, Leonnig is lying to her readers by failing to acknowledge that.

Pants on fire, Carol. You, too, Bulwark gutter-dweller Christian Vanderbrouk:

We know that Christian has a narrative to push, but if he has as much integrity as he claims to have as a member of The Bulwark, he should really cop to his deception.

Same goes for NBC/MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner, who, in a shocking turn of events, also dishonestly represented Hutchinson’s remarks:

If the case against Donald Trump is so compelling, there should be no need to add artistic flourishes to Hutchinson’s testimony. Why can’t they let it speak for itself, instead of letting Liz Cheney do all the talking?

The false narrative really has gone viral. It’s all over the place. Politico, too:

The latest in Playbook:


No doubt there are many other journalists and outlets who have chosen to do the same thing, not realizing that they do it and undermine the very narrative they’re so desperately trying to advance.

It’s also unfortunate for them that actual journalists like Jerry Dunleavy (who’s been on quite a roll lately, by the way) are paying attention and ready to call them out.

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