HOO BOY, the January 6th Committee’s ‘surprise witness’ aka Cassidy Hutchinson was just a hot mess. Talk about an embarrassing dumpster fire of gossip, hearsay, and lies. It was really fun watching Never Trumpers like Stephen Hayes, p-Rick Wilson, and George Conway pretending Cassidy’s tall tale about a super-human Trump throwing plates and manhandling secret service agents in the limo (or SUV?) was somehow the SINGLE greatest testimony ever.

The walls are closin’ in!

They’ve got him THIS TIME.

And then Liz sharing a piece from David French claiming Cassidy’s testimony made their case to prosecute Trump stronger?

That was the idiot icing on the dummy cake.

Liz really really really needs to learn to READ THE ROOM.

Usually, we share a bit of the article the person we’re writing about shared but since it’s French, we’ll spare you the virtue-signaling, self-righteous yawn-fest. You’re welcome.

As you can imagine, now that Cassidy’s testimony is falling apart left and right with multiple people offering to testify that what she said isn’t true, Liz sharing this ridiculous story didn’t go over well on Twitter.





Psh, Liz won’t call on her boss … er … colleague, Nancy Pelosi, to testify.

No way.

They don’t really want to get to the bottom of what happened on January 6th, they just want to give Democrats enough fodder for the midterms AND keep Trump from running in 24.


It’s gotten so bad for Liz in Wyoming that she’s begging Democrats to switch parties for one day to vote for her in the primary. OH, and PBS is magically and all of a sudden not allowing Wyomingites to attend her upcoming debate with Harriet Hageman.

Liz couldn’t nuke her political career more if she tried.

And she won’t have that for much longer.

F for effort, Liz.


So very freakin’ true.

It’s like the dumb leading the dumber.

Or would that be the dumb retweeting the dumber?

Either way, and as we said up there, WOOF.



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