As Twitchy reported earlier, Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony about President Trump attacking and strangling a Secret Service agent and lunging for the steering wheel of his SUV has been downgraded to an anecdote: Hutchinson’s lawyer confirmed that Hutchinson was just repeating what she’d been told. In other words, it was all hearsay. Not to mention that the Secret Service said both the Secret Service agent and the driver were prepared to testify under oath about the ride in the SUV.

Betsy Woodruff Swan of Politico reports that the January 6 select committee, which saw fit to interview and clear Ray Epps, never quite got around to approaching the Secret Service for more details about that ride in the Beast.

Politico reports:

The Jan. 6 committee didn’t reach out to the Secret Service in the days before it aired explosive testimony about an alleged physical altercation between Donald Trump and his security detail on the day of the riot, according to an agency spokesperson.

Anthony Guglielmi, the service’s chief of communications, told POLITICO that select committee investigators did not ask Secret Service personnel to reappear or answer questions in writing in the 10 days before asking Hutchinson about the matter at the hearing.

“[W]e were not asked to reappear before the Committee in response to yesterday’s new information and we plan on formally responding on the record,” he wrote in an email. “We have and will continue to make any member of the Secret Service available.”

It’s not clear why the select panel didn’t seek further corroboration from the Secret Service as it planned Hutchinson’s hearing. Members of the select committee have said they welcome any more information about the Secret Service altercation that witnesses would provide under oath.

It’s pretty clear … they’re a bunch of clowns with an agenda.

Decades from now, people will be asking each other, “Where were you when Cassidy Hutchinson testified?”


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