Alyssa Farah, who served with Cassidy Hutchinson in the Trump White House, wants those tying “to impugn her character” to testify “UNDER OATH” in front of the January 6 Committee:

Well, would this include the Secret Service agents who pushed back against the limo story? Because they’re ready to do so.

Secret Service spokesman Anthony Gugliemi told NBC News’ Peter Alexander this morning that the agents in former President Trump’s security detail are “available to testify under oath” to respond to allegations made by Cassidy Hutchinson at yesterday’s hearing:

You. Don’t. Say:


You’d think someone on the committee would have asked the Secret Service about this *BEFORE* “blasting it out,” but nah:

Boy, it’s a real mystery how the narrative changed so fast, too:

An example:

Glenn Greenwald has more receipts:

Her testimony was a complete mess on this incident:



Source tells Peter Alexander that Secret Service agent, SUV driver prepared to testify about Trump’s ‘lunge’

There’s another MAJOR discrepancy with Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony, this one confirmed by Eric Herschmann

Cassidy Hutchinson deemed as ‘reliable’ over her memory about … ketchup?

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin weighs in on first attempted strangling by a president

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