Anamarie Avila Farias, is a member of the Contra Costa County Board of Education in California. She posted on Facebook Tuesday that people should “BOYCOTT 4TH OF JULY..” Then she asked, “What do you think?”

The irony is that though she is complaining about just not feeling patriotic, the fact that she has the freedom to post such a sentiment on Facebook for everyone to see is a privilege that many people do not have in other countries. If she is looking to make the ultimate American holiday all about her, she should at least acknowledge the irony of her short-sighted selfishness.

“I haven’t celebrated 4th of July since 2016 and I don’t think it’s a holiday to celebrate,” Avila Farias wrote. “What do you think?”

“I am not feeling particularly patriotic,” Avila Farias explained. “I am especially not interested in celebrating a holiday centered around freedom from oppressive government when that freedom is not a reality for so many people in this country.

“Lastly, last Friday women’s reproductive rights were taken away!” she added. “We are not in a place of progress or celebration when human rights are being taken away.”

Thanks to the sacrifices of others, she is free to post any thought she has on social media, as long as she follows the platform’s rules. I would be interested in knowing who exactly isn’t free in this country because of our oppressive government. Her gripe seems to be inspired because of the overturning of Roe v Wade but even that is not a loss of freedom. Abortion isn’t outlawed. It is left to the states now, as it was before 1973. Overwrought hysteria is tiresome. If she doesn’t want to celebrate a holiday, even one as basic as Independence Day, so be it. She is free to do so. See how this works?

Would she prefer for America to not have declared independence from England? How free would she feel under the control of the British monarchy? How about Britain’s parliamentary system? Does she think that is better than our constitutional republic? There are so many questions she left unanswered by just tossing out a glib suggestion of a boycott because she just isn’t feeling it. Of course, she says she hasn’t celebrated the holiday since 2016. Without naming him, I’m pretty sure she is making a reference to the election of Trump. Imagine allowing one politician to have such power over your thoughts that you no longer feel like celebrating the most American of holidays.

She is also an elected member of the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County. She uses a 2020 Medium post as back-up for her idea of a boycott. Titled “9 Reasons Why I Don’t Celebrate the 4th of July”, author Dana Saxon argues “only white people were freed via the Declaration of Independence, and that “it took nearly another 100 years before my ancestors technically gained their freedom in 1865.”

It’s toxic that racial grievances continue to go to the forefront in education, such as school boards, all to shame white children and parents. Are children in Contra Costa County being taught that America is bad and not to celebrate Independence Day? Where’s the tipping point? America isn’t perfect but it’s still the greatest country on earth.

Reactions to her post were mixed, which gives me hope that not everyone has become so jaded and blind to the advances this country has made throughout our existence. A fellow school board member, who also sounds pro-abortion, responded that it is her right to say what she wants on her personal Facebook page, as long as she doesn’t make statements on behalf of the school board.

Fellow school board member Mike Maxwell said he disagreed with Avila Farias’ comments but supported her right to say them.

“It’s her personal Facebook page; she is entitled to say whatever Facebook will allow her to say,” Maxwell told Fox News Digital in an email. “And while I also am disappointed with the recent developments in honoring rights among Americans, I do not agree with her statement.

“As long as she is not making the statement on behalf of the Board and County, go for it. But the smart voters will connect who is making that statement,” he added.

Just as the Founding Fathers intended.

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