Joe Biden took the stage at the NATO summit today. And boy, was he in rare form.

He really hit the ground running:

Totally fine.

Switzerland, Sweden … tomayto, tomahto. The important thing is that Joe Biden was there. At least for the time being. And he was ready for whatever the press had to throw at him.

Well, within certain parameters, of course:

Probably just a timesaving measure. Otherwise he could be there all day answering questions! (Quick spoiler alert: He would not be there all day answering questions. We’ll get to that eventually.)

Guess Peter wasn’t on the list.

Anyway, back to business. And it’s definitely some business:

America’s global standing is at risk not because of inflation, not because of the economy, but because of the Supreme Court, ladies and gentlemen!

This is certainly a bold strategy. And we’re on the edges of our seats to find out if it pays off for him. We feel like we already know, but what the hell? Let’s watch it play out.

It’s good and patriotic when Joe Biden does it.

It’s fine! Really! As long as it makes sense in Joe Biden’s mind, it should make sense to the rest of us.

Stability is when Abortion. Exactly! And if stability is what we want, then we need lots and lots of abortions. And to ensure that we get lots and lots of abortion, we need to codify Roe v. Wade right now. And that means, of course, eliminating the filibuster.

Great idea! Because eliminating filibusters has always worked out great for the Democratic agenda!

Oh, he insists.

The best messenger, you guys:

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