Speaking at the NATO summit in Madrid today, Joe Biden devoted the bulk of his time to reassuring the world that America is still doing pretty well even though the Supreme Court is “destabilizing” everything at the moment. Inspiring words from an even more inspiring man.

But Biden also took a little bit of time to address an issue facing Americans that doesn’t really have anything to do with abortion. And that’s high gas prices. Pain at the pump has been a problem since even before SCOTUS destroyed Americans’ right to privacy by determining that there’s no constitutional right to kill your unborn inconvenient baby.

Once blaming Vladimir Putin results in low enough polling numbers, anyway. Apparently we still haven’t reached that point quite yet:

President Jan Brady, ladies and gentlemen.

And speaking of Russia:

As long as it takes:


On the contrary. We think it’s a very strong message. Not the message we’d want to send if our party were on track to get throttled in the midterms, but hey. What the hell do we know?

That’s not entirely true if you think about it. Remember that Biden and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm have both explained to us on numerous occasions that unsustainably high gas prices are ultimately a good thing, because that will force us to embrace clean energy that very few people can actually afford to embrace. So in that sense, they’ve explained why Americans should suffer for war in Ukraine, because Americans are supposed to believe that high gas prices are because of the war in Ukraine. See how it works?

In any event, if it’s a strong message on dealing with Russia and Ukraine that you’re looking for, messages don’t get any stronger than this one:

There. Now don’t you all feel better?

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