As Twitchy readers know, Elizabeth Warren and Bob Menendez want to put a stop to those evil crisis pregnancy centers SAVING LIVES. RAR!

Imagine how ugly someone has to be on the inside to ‘crack down’ on a crisis pregnancy center. REALLY? Oh, and claiming to save the lives of the unborn and supporting pregnant mothers is somehow harmful practices?

Man, Democrats are awful.

Patricia Heaton just absolutely nuked Fauxcahontas. *go Patricia go*!

So this was pretty damn awesome, but then the pro-abort horde came for Patricia … and she did NOT back down.

Like, at all.

They really thought they had her.

They didn’t.


And another:

What IS IT with people and the Ukrainian flag? Nine times out of 10 we can expect their tweets to be stupid.

Ok, then a ‘Jessica’ person asked her another snarky question … which she soon deleted.

But nice try.

What we love about Patricia is how kind she is, no matter how nasty the pro-aborts get.


Patricia: 1.

Pro-aborts: 0



RUH-ROH! Looks like ANOTHER part of Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony may have been ‘totally made up’ per WH sources there on Jan 6

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