Annnd it looks like ANOTHER piece of Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony is falling apart.

This would be pretty huge if true:

How much more of Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony are we going to see debunked before the January 6th Committee admits it was all gossip, not evidence? This is just embarrassing.

Tell us another one, Cassidy.

Now, at this point, we aren’t seeing this corroborated elsewhere but with how things have been going with the rest of her testimony? We wouldn’t be the least bit shocked that Cipollone was not even there that morning. Liz Cheney tweeted that Cippollone should testify:

Wonder if she realizes this could absolutely bite them in the arse? Especially if he wasn’t there?

About that …

Endless ‘anonymous sources’ were used to attack and even impeach Trump.

Yeah, us too.

So shocked.




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