Wasn’t Biden’s first wife killed by a drunk driver? Isn’t that how the story goes?

Or is this another one of those weird ‘stutter’ things that people aren’t sure is true or not?

Hey, we’re not judging … ok, that’s not entirely true. We are judging here.

C’mon man, drunk driving shouldn’t be a felony? Really? Does Joe have any idea how many people are killed by drunk drivers? Twenty-nine Americans are killed by drunk drivers, every day.

They’re speechless.

And the look on the guy’s face? HA HA HA HA HA

What do you say or do when the leader of the free world says something so absolutely stupid right in front of you? Do you agree even if he’s nuts? Or do you kindly remind the president how many Americans have been killed by drunk drivers?

You almost have to feel for these hosts.



Egging a mailbox is a felony?

Who knew?


Hey, you’d be speechless too in this situation.

We know we would be.



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