I’ll ask your forgiveness for the rather crude nature of the title, but that is a direct quote from Ms. Madeline Brame of New York City. She was the mother of Hason Correa, a 35-year-old US Army veteran, and father of three who was beaten and stabbed to death by gang members in Harlem in 2018. The wheels of justice may have turned slowly, but the police finally arrested Travis Stewart for the murder and his day in court arrived yesterday, with Ms. Brame in attendance. But it turned out that soft-on-crime District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office had cut a plea deal with the defendant and he was given only a seven-year sentence, despite his lengthy record and confession to committing a particularly brutal murder. That was too much for the victim’s mother and she erupted into a tirade against the prosecutors. (NY Post)

The inconsolable mother of a US Army veteran who was stabbed to death in a Harlem brawl went off on Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg in court Wednesday, accusing the besieged prosecutor of botching the case.

“I don’t want to hear nothing else, Yoran,” Madeline Brame screamed at prosecutor Dafna Yoran as one of the defendants in her son’s murder case got just seven years for his role in the 2018 slaying.

“Take that restorative justice bulls–t and shove it up your asses,” Brame yelled in Manhattan Supreme Court. “Not for murder.”

Dafna Yoran was the prosecutor from Bragg’s office who was on the receiving end of the enraged mother’s explosive anger, but she had harsh words for Bragg himself, along with all of the so-called “justice reform” that’s taken over the courts in Gotham.

This result was really adding insult to injury for Brame. One of her son’s other attackers, Mary Saunders, was arrested last year and waited in jail until earlier this year when Bragg’s office cut another deal with her, allowing her to go free with no additional jail time. Saunders’ two brothers, who also took part in the murder, are currently awaiting trial. There is no word as to what sort of deal they will be offered.

This infuriating set of results has confounded Ms. Brame. Prosecutors have video evidence of the four suspects committing the murder and 33 witnesses to the crime. Were they somehow afraid that they still wouldn’t be able to bring home a guilty verdict if they went to trial and asked for a more justifiable sentence? And we shouldn’t leave the judge out of this formula either. The light sentence would not have been handed down without the cooperation of the court.

The grieving mother reminded Bragg’s office that she had done her part and also let them know what was taken from her.

“In the four years that I sat through this I never missed a court date,” she said. “I never once saw one ounce of remorse from Mr. Stewart. I saw smiles, waving, blowing kisses like he’s a rock star. Not one drop!

“He took everything from us when he took my son. He took my grandchildren’s father.”

Because of the disparity we so often see in both the coverage of cases like this and the outcomes achieved in court, I will point out that Ms. Brame is Black and she is not from an affluent part of the city. But families like hers wind up being the victims of these types of crimes in disproportionate numbers. Who does Alvin Bragg think he’s helping by letting killers off with a slap on the wrist? We’ve discussed this here before, but it bears repeating. Alvin Bragg and his fellow woke DAs may be putting fewer Black people in jail, but he’s helping to put a lot more of them into coffins.

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