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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Despite his overwhelming curiosity, Sean knew it was prudent to refrain from Googling “nudist camp brunches.”

Kudos to Kevin for filling in for me the past couple of days. And again, many thanks to him, Chris, and Megan for lending their prodigious talents to our hangout here while I’ve been bonding with my family. I’m back now, at least until Biden’s Woke Police knock at my door and haul me away for awesomeness.

They’re threatened by that.

As difficult as it may be to believe, there is some news that’s not about guns, abortion, or President LOLEightyonemillion’s latest failed attempt at sentence-crafting.

After dominating the daily news cycle for over two years, the Wuhan Chinese Bat Flu has recently spent a little time in the background. Pandemic cheerleader and Chief Snake Oil Salesman Anthony Fauci was so irritated that he was no longer getting foot massages from the interns at the MSM Sunday news shows that he went and finally got COVID himself.

That still wasn’t enough to restore his “most favored quack” status, so the little scamp went and re-got COVID, which Stacey wrote about yesterday:

On June 15, Dr. Anthony Fauci announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19. It was a long time coming since nearly everyone around him in the White House has tested positive at least once. In fact, the number of high-profile people with repeated infections is rising — former White House Press Secretary Jen PsakiCanadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Prince Charles, to name a few. Of course, what they all had in common was every single COVID jab available to them.

Fauci was no exception. When he provided an update on his condition during a conference call on June 23, he said, “I had one day of symptomatology. I started on Wednesday on Paxlovid. And I was on Paxlovid for five days. And I have now finished Paxlovid, and I am still feeling really quite fine.”

Then he gave the obligatory nod to the treatments he has advocated and even supported mandating for others. “I think I am an example, given my age, of what we’re all talking about today. I am vaccinated. I am doubly boosted. And I believe if that were not the case, I very likely would not be talking to you looking as well as I look, I think.” In reality, he has no way of knowing that, and there is no science to back it up. Still, seven days after a positive test, he appeared symptom-free and participated in a meeting.

On June 28, in another interview, Fauci disclosed that he had a positive antigen test four days after finishing the course of Paxlovid. For the three days prior, his tests were negative. “So it was sort of what people are referring to as a Paxlovid rebound. Then over the next day or so, I started to feel really poorly. Much worse than in the first go around,” Fauci admitted. Then he shared he was back on Paxlovid since it worked so well the first time.

The lunacy of Fauci doubling down on a treatment that seemed to have a negative effect on him would seem odd had we not been subjected to two-and-a-half years of him belching hypocrisy like Mt. Vesuvius spewing lava on Pompeii in 79 AD.

Stacey brings up something that has been my most recent big pet peeve about this “government knows best” charade: the notion that people who are getting these new variants aren’t as sick because they’ve been vaccinated and boosted. As she points out, that’s not established scientific fact. It’s actually just the key component to the vax fetishists fantastical narrative.

The original Omicron variant wasn’t hitting people as hard and its spinoffs, while easier to catch, aren’t exactly laying waste to the land, even in people who aren’t vaccinated.

The “follow the science” crowd would go full lemming and follow Fauci off of a cliff if he told them it would make COVID a more pleasurable experience for them.

The Democrats are going to need COVID to stay in the news if they have any hope of pulling some last-minute election rules change shenanigans like they did in 2020. It’s a long shot but they’re desperate, so we’re going to be hearing about it. The MSM was full of talk yesterday about whether a new booster will be needed in — you guessed it — the fall.

Once more, with feeling: these hot button issues would be so much easier to talk about if the left would just stop lying all of the time.

Unfortunately, they’ve been doing it for so long that it’s reflexive for them now. I’m not even sure that Fauci knows he’s lying anymore. His ego has gotten so big that he probably thinks that things are true merely because he says them.

Wearisome little man.

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