Al Sharpton credits James Brown with teaching him to be a man.

That explains why Rev. Al is the most poisonous heretic in American history. Sharpton has spent much of the past week attacking the pro-life movement and the Supreme Court for overturning Roe v. Wade. During an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Sharpton claimed that the pro-life movement has hijacked the Bible.

“Real Christians that really study the bible ought to be incensed,” Sharpton told Joe Scarbrough. “I’ve been a preacher since I was a little boy. I am incensed and insulted that they have hijacked the Bible and Jesus to distort and misquote — well, it’s not even a misquote – create quotes that are not there to justify a right-wing kind of ideology that would take away the rights of women and then scheduled to take other people’s rights.

“And what is strange to me, Joe, they can see scripture that is not there about abortion. But they couldn’t see love your neighbor when it came down to putting things through that would help the poor and help the needy.”

Al Sharpton is not a minister. He’s a disciple of politics disguised as a disciple of God. His role is to bait religious people, particularly black religious people, into abandoning their faith, values, and principles for political power.

For people of faith, abortion is not a political issue. It’s a moral one, a spiritual one. It’s about the value of human life and where that life begins. The Bible, in numerous passages and verses, makes it clear that life begins in the womb and that a mother’s womb is sacred.

I don’t have a problem with non-religious people arguing for abortion. They believe the Bible is fiction. They don’t pretend to have a biblical worldview. My problem is with people like Sharpton who espouse and promote secular values while professing a deep respect for and allegiance to biblical values.

Sharpton is worse than a heretic. What he’s doing is evil. It’s intentionally misleading. He should quit calling himself a minister or a reverend. He should renounce his faith. He’s an entertainer, a performer, and a con artist.

The original R. Kelly discipled Sharpton.

Before fully committing himself to working as a knockoff Jesse Jackson, Sharpton was the Godfather of Soul’s tour manager and enabler for eight years. James Brown raised Al Sharpton.

Brown, like Kelly, used his money and fame to satiate his illicit taste for women and drugs. Say it loud: James Brown was violent, high, and vile. He dodged rape and domestic violence allegations. He married four times. Sharpton witnessed Brown’s immorality and saw a father figure.

“What I do functionally is what Dr. King, Reverend Jackson, and the movement are all about; but I learned manhood from James Brown. I always say James Brown taught me how to be a man.”

Mystery solved. If you’re wondering how a self-proclaimed minister could demonize the pro-life movement, take a look at Sharpton’s role model. Like R. Kelly, James Brown recorded classic, inspiring music while living the life of a predatory degenerate.

The pro-life movement hijacked the Bible and Jesus? Really?

Sharpton did that. He helped convince a large number of Christians that our duty is to ease the consequences of biblical disobedience rather than to teach the poor and needy the benefits of biblical obedience.

Sharpton promotes the secular view of charity – an organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need. For believers, charity simply means love. The greatest form of biblical love is discipling men and women in the ways of Jesus Christ and witnessing how those ways transform the person. Christians believe love transforms. Non-religious people believe money transforms.

That’s why as soon as the Supreme Court overturned Roe, the left immediately began agitating for the government to finance more programs for single mothers.

Sharpton claims to be a minister. He should be agitating for a decrease in single motherhood and promiscuous and irresponsible sex, with an increase in marriage and responsible sex.

But the man who taught Sharpton to be a man did not respect marriage or responsible sex. Sharpton is a man of the world, teaching secular solutions to spiritual problems. The secular world believes man has made a pill to solve every problem.

If you eat too much, take this pill to control your blood sugar. If you can’t resist unprotected sex, take this pill to abort the baby. If you ignored your schoolwork and can’t land a high-paying job, blame racism, sexism, or homophobia.

Whatever problem afflicts you, look to the government to fix it. Never look at the man or woman in the mirror. Never adopt the mindset and values spelled out in the Bible.

Al Sharpton is evil and weak. He distorts biblical truth for 20 pieces of silver from the Democratic Party. He’s never really hidden this. He began promoting same-sex marriage in 2004 when he ran for president. He paved the road for Barack Obama to come out of the closet and disavow a biblical worldview.

Sharpton’s job is to lead black people to hell and assuage the guilt of white liberals. He’s worse than Jim Jones, the 1970s minister turned cult leader who seduced primarily black followers into Marxism and mass suicide.

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